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New research is done by the at the very least a couple officials out of an identical intercourse as the prisoner

Single-mother families enhanced, though it is actually estimated they are no more than 5 % of the complete

19. Between 1980 and 1992, when you are you will find a rise in brand new proportion of females having one youngster (out of 41 in order to 45 %) and two college students (regarding 30 so you’re able to 37 %), you will find reduced the proportion of women that have around three college students (from 14 so you’re able to twelve %) and you may five or even more youngsters (from thirteen in order to 5 %). Concurrently, there clearly was an increase off births additional relationships, 18 % inside the 1985 and you may dos percent within the 1987 and you may 1988.

20. Regarding greater part of circumstances, the fresh new mother or father is actually a female. According to the 1991 census, widows designated 569,715 regarding 677,187 widow/widowers heads of loved ones and you can divorced female numbered 88,463 off 133,129 divorced males/female minds out-of friends.

21. Some other feature of one’s market updates of Greece is actually immigration and you may repatriation. Because 1973, new prevalence away from repatriation over immigration while the place of one’s repatriated away from a couple of large urban centers provides lead to new restructuring of the market pushes of state. Into the 1980s, the world changed away from an excellent forwarding country so you’re able to an immigrant country. At the beginning of the brand new 1990s, immigrants was basically projected on between 356,000 and 436,one hundred thousand some body, a lot of just who was basically performing in the place of a work otherwise sojourn allow.

twenty-two. During the 1987-1992, 42,529 Pontiacs found its way to Greece (get a hold of con el fin de. 277), when you are various other 150,000-200,100000 people were requested along the next few years. The arrival has recently had favourable impact on new group updates of the nation.

23. Due to the fact 1980 there’ve been strong interest in the demographic question because of the local governments and you will businesses (Parliament, Ministry out of National Cost savings, Academy of Athens). Anyhow, all of the populace guidelines during the Greece regard best of your own pair and also the private to choose easily and you will sensibly the amount of people they want to features together with spacing of pregnancies. Greece enjoys finalized the associated in the world messages and also modified their legislation to that impression.

24. For the Greece, females criminality is at low accounts each other compared to male criminality and with that regarding most other West communities. The most famous violations for which ladies are detained try violations of your Visitors Code and the Construction Rules, insults, slight thefts from places – hardly ever having robberies or break ins – small real wounds and blackmail. Over the past long time, there have been an increase in the use of narcotics by the females.

twenty seven. Equality in the treatment of inmates try controlled legally (Code of basic regulations concerning the remedy for inmates or any other provision), and therefore safety brand new equal remedy for prisoners and you may controls things concerning treatment, the fresh legal rights and loans of inmates, and additionally special regulations about the safeguards and rights from people inmates.

28. Article step three out-of law safety the fresh new equal therapy of prisoners. However, on such basis as scientific standards, there can be additional treatments for prisoners for every categories, due to the fact specified legally.

Thus, all of the discrimination from the treatment of inmates is blocked, particularly discrimination according to competition, the colour, sex, words, religion, national otherwise personal descent, property otherwise ideological convictions

30. Less than paragraph six out of article thirteen of the identical laws, ladies are arrested at women’s prisons otherwise at separate chapters of prisons.

31. Under paragraph dos of post 22 of the identical legislation, from inside the means of entryway towards jail, the brand new prisoner are submitted to a bodily lookup and appear from their individual items, which is accomplished at another put plus like a means because the to not prejudice the new self-esteem of prisoner. Around blog post 29 of the same rules, often there is a beneficial gynaecologist from the ladies prisons.